Princess Zelda of Hyrule

Anonymous asked: Have you ever gotten drunk at a party or celebration? C

There have been a few rare times. I remember this one occasion where a guest attempted to get me heavily intoxicated just so they could derive political information from me. -I chuckle softly in reflection- It didn’t turn out very well for them…

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Anonymous asked: *A scary old woman walks into the room and bows wearing a old hood* Hello, Your Highness. I am a healer of wounded men and women. I use my poe essence to heal even the most life threatening wounds. Can I be of assitance?

-I smile, giving a respectful nod- Greetings, healer. It’s a pleasure to meet someone as skilled as yourself. I’m afraid I have no wounds at this current time, however, I believe the Gerudo would greatly appreciate your services.

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever scaled Death Mountain? :3

Yes, there have been a few occasions in the past where I’ve managed to reach the peak of Death Mountain.

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Anonymous asked: ~the young man walks down the stairs weilding his master sword. He thinks about the present he left the royal jewel of hyrule~ "Gee. I hope my gift will change her mind."

-I close the chamber doors, letting out a deep sigh of frustration as you leave- Goddesses, he can’t be the fated one…hm? -I lift a slender brow, noticing the package left on the floor. I then bend over to pick it up before inspecting the item carefully-

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Anonymous asked: Have you ever kissed Ganondorf my Lady? I would puke if I did

…Yes…I have kissed Ganondorf before.

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Anonymous asked: Did you and Impa do fun things when you were a kid? Also I am sorry that some people are so pervy to you :C

Impa and I did many things together during my childhood. My favourite memory would be when she taught me how to use a bow and arrow…-I smile softly- it’s fine, dear anonymous. I’ve learnt to ignore many of these perverse enquires.

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Anonymous asked: Did you ever cry during those years of training? :3

Sometimes, it was a lot for me to comprehend. So yes, I did weep a little during the first few years I trained with Impa.

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Anonymous asked: OMG you are so PRETTY! Can I ask who styles your hair? 😃❤️

-I return your compliment with a gentle smile- Thank you, dear anonymous. I style my hair myself every morning.

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Anonymous asked: Cursed by change Hidden by lies, Running from the truth Beauty now dies. They don't understand They don't really care. Beauty now burns. Smoke in the air.

-I smile softly- Thank you for the beautiful poem, anonymous.

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Anonymous asked: Well ...~the young man puts away his master sword and bows again for the royal flower~ I understand princess. I will look after the Hyruleans for you. But please stay safe. For me. ~he walks to the princess before kissing her and walking out the doors to leave her be~

-I freeze in shock, eyes wide open as you bring your lips to mine without warning. I then watch you leave, completely bewildered-…

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