Princess Zelda of Hyrule

Anonymous asked: How are you today Lady Zelda? :3

Not very well, dear anonymous. I’m
awaiting punishment for something I’ve attempted to do as of late. -I lower my head, sighing quietly- I’ve been incredibly foolish…that is all I shall say on the matter.

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Anonymous asked: Is there anything at all you remember someone saying to you?

There are countless words I remember from others…the most recent would be from Ganondorf.

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Anonymous asked: You're so awesome! Your Sheik disguise is awesome too! Is it comfy? :D

Thank you, dear anonymous. -I smile softly- Oddly yes, it’s rather comfortable to wear.

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Anonymous asked: Magic Anon: For the next 24 hours you will fall madly in love with the next person who talks to you from Hyrule! Enjoy! ❤️

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-I watch in confusion as you instantly leave the chambers- If you’re lucky, you may receive your wish…

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Anonymous asked: Well if you wanna kill me COME AT ME PRINCESS! YOU SLUT YOU WILL DIE FOR YOUR FAILURES!! *runs at u with weapon*

If you still wish to assassinate me, then I’m afraid you leave me with no choice…-I dodge your attack, turning quickly before striking the back of your neck with my blade-

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Anonymous asked: Your majesty ~bows infront of the princess~ How are you fairing in here M'Lady? Care for a cup of honey tea? ^_^

Greetings, dear anonymous. I would rather not discuss this, if you don’t mind. Why don’t you tell me a little about yourself? -I smile gently- A cup of honey tea would be wonderful, thank you.

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Anonymous asked: Do you and Impa do anything together during your free time in the castle? heehee :3 ❤️

Sometimes, when Impa and I had time to spare, we would sit on the edge of the bed and she would brush my hair…-I smile softly, reflecting on more peaceful memories- we would discuss her day and any other matters that needed to be attended to.

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Anonymous asked: Where are you Zelda plus where are the sages?! :O

I…I am in my personal chambers. -I lower my head, letting out a gentle sigh- The sages have disappered from view. I haven’t heared anything from them in months…maybe even a year or more…

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Anonymous asked: Magic Anon! For the next 24 hours you will be bisexual! Enjoy!

Very well, anonymous…

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