Princess Zelda of Hyrule

Anonymous asked: What happened after you fled Ganondorf with Impa that time when your daddy was killed? D:

…After we both escaped from the castle, she took me into hiding and taught me how to defend myself.

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Anonymous asked: I have a few things to ask you. Does surrendering to Zant make you a coward and has anyone ever given you oral sex?

The opinion on what is courageous and what is not differs for each person, however, I chose to surrender to Zant to ensure the survival of all of Hyrule’s residents. -my eyebrows lift in suprise-…Yes…I have previously received oral sex.

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Anonymous asked: Would you ever try sexual actions with another woman?

…That information is not for your ears.

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Anonymous asked: Carrying Hylias divine blood, do you have any memories of your past life?

-I smile slightly- Yes, anonymous. Occasionally I have visions of the foregone battle between Hylia and the Demon King…more often than not, these are rather distressing. 

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Anonymous asked: Magic Anon! For the next 24 hours you will fall in love with the next guy you talk to! Enjoy kissing a sucker! <3

…I can only hope that the wrong man doesn’t converse with me.

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Anonymous asked: My Lady does Ganondorf feed you often? How have you been?

Yes, dear anonymous. His guards provide me with bread daily.

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Anonymous asked: **the man with the white mane poofs in with smoke** Hello again, princess. I have found Lady Impa. No luck on Ganondorf's side. Any closer to escaping your highness?

Greetings. I am pleased to see that you’ve got here safe. I’m afraid not. Being rather frail at the moment, Ganondorf’s guards have proved themselves rather proficient. -I let out a sigh of relief, attempting to hold back my full gratification- Thank the goddesses… she’s alive…

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Anonymous asked: Have you tried to get out of here yet my Lady? I spotted Impas child in the forest!

I have attempted many times, yet every plan seems to fail me…-my blue eyes suddenly widen in astonishment- pardon?…Heisha’s in the forest?!

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Anonymous asked: TMI: Has anyone ever made you feel loved even for a short time princess? D:

When I…actually, that does not count. No, I have never felt passionately loved.

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Anonymous asked: Do you like sex

…I…I have experienced enjoyable sex in the past, therefore my answer must be yes…

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