Princess Zelda of Hyrule

Anonymous asked: TMI: Describe your favourite way of receiving foreplay

-I smile kindly- Nothing pleases me more than when someone appreciates your body. Trailing kisses down my skin, massages…these are all things that give me great pleasure.

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Anonymous asked: I will not leave SLUT!! just drop your weapon and talk to me. I AM BY WINDOW WITHOUT WEAPON SO U CAN KICK ME IF I DO ANYTHING. COME HERE PLEASE BITCH!

-I narrow my eyes before dropping my weapon- Your demeanour and reputation are not very convincing. However…as foolish as it seems, I am willing to trust you, just this once…-I slowly walk towards you-

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Anonymous asked: Who was the last person you talked to and where and what did you talk?? ^_^

The last time I conversed with someone was in my chambers with Ganondorf. We discussed trivial matters…

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Anonymous asked: Why don'tcha stay in your sheik form for longer my Lady? :3

I only change into this form when needed. Here in the chambers, it currently has no importance.

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Anonymous asked: Magic Anon! For the next 24 hours you will be a teenager again! If you fail this MA you will have to be naked for 24 hours! Have fun princess!

Very well. I shall accept your anonymous spell. -I walk towards the mirror, gazing at my temporary form- It’s been quite some time since I remember being this young…

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Anonymous asked: I AM GONNA SACRIFICE YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE PIGMAN SLUT!! *stops* Now stand and face me bitch and drop the knife I put mine on floor.

-I stand and face you, clutching the blade in my hand- I’m afraid I cannot do that. I will not be left unarmed in your presence. Call me what you will, it seems to be giving you great satisfaction. However, I insist that you leave this instant. 

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Anonymous asked: Do you think darkness is all bad princess? :/

-A gentle smile forms the edges of my lips- There are many times where darkness can be incredibly beautiful.

The light will show you the way, leading anyone who can see it to the correct path. It gives strength to a lonely soul when all hope is lost. However, there is also mystery in darkness. It shows only fractions of the world, making it unique to all that gaze upon it. The darkness can show you the stars…

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Anonymous asked: OMG! Sheik huggies feel so nicey! I love you Zelie! >3< <3

…-I smile slightly- Thank you, anonymous.

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Anonymous asked: TMI: have you ever experienced multiple orgasms?

Yes, I have experienced them.

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Anonymous asked: *mouse runs by Zelda and squeaks* squeek~!

-My eyes follow the tiny rodent as it runs over to me- It’s dangerous for you in here…-I smile and pick up the creature, carefully brushing its back with my finger-

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